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A report by The Harvard Business School (Strategy & Society by Michael E.Porter and Mark R. Kramer 2007) highlights the value to the employer and employee of supporting parents in the workplace.

The Parent Coaching Academy’s successful work in the corporate sector is highlighted in a feature – Working Out The Stresses of Family life – in The Sunday Times

Welcome to the Parent Coaching Academy

Welcome to The Parent Coaching Academy, the UK’s leading Parent Coaching organisation.  I established the PCA because I’m passionate about supporting mums and dads in the most rewarding, challenging and important job they’ll ever do in their lives.  If you are a pioneering and dynamic employer committed to helping parents achieve their full potential – at home and at work – I look forward to working with you.

Lorraine Thomas
Chief Executive, The Parent Coaching Academy
Author, ‘The 7-Day Parent Coach’, ‘Get A Life’,  ‘The Mummy Coach’ and ‘Brilliantly Behaved Toddler’

We specialise in developing initiatives with exceptional employers committed to supporting mums, dads and carers in the workplace.  As a Diversity or Human Resources Manager or Parent Network leader, you will recognise that in this uncertain and challenging economic climate it is particularly important to help parents deal positively with the pressures of balancing work and family.

New book

Brilliantly Behaved Toddler now available on Amazon

Tailor-madeprogrammes for exceptional employers

Employers can support parents in the workplace in many different ways and we tailor specific programmes according to your company’s needs.

The services we offer include

See what others are saying

"It was really good to see how much the guys really cared about trying to be a great Dad and just how many of the challenges we face are the same, whether we had one new baby or a house full of belligerent teenagers."
Andy Campbell, Head of Sales Ophthalmics, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

“Fun and interactive – there was never a quiet moment as employees of all levels and from all across the business ‘walked the wheel’ exploring, sharing and most importantly laughing as we all realised we shared common issues and themes.”
Sarah Cooper, Morgan Stanley’s Parents Network Steering Committee.

"I love the way the 7-Day Parent Coach empowers parents to tackle the daily stresses and strains that can make parenting feel like an endurance test at times."
Mara Lee, Editor, Practical Parenting


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