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A report by The Harvard Business School (Strategy & Society by Michael E.Porter and Mark R. Kramer 2007) highlights the value to the employer and employee of supporting parents in the workplace.

The Parent Coaching Academy’s successful work in the corporate sector is highlighted in a feature – Working Out The Stresses of Family life – in The Sunday Times

About Us


Lorraine Thomas is the Chief Executive of The Parent Coaching Academy. She is the author of The 7-Day Parent Coach (Vermilion 2005), Get A Life (Hodder Arnold 2006) and her new book, The Mummy Coach (Hamlyn) will be published in 2010.

Lorraine Thomas is the parent coach for Tesco’s baby & toddler club and healthy living magazine. www.tesco.com/babyclub/

She appears regularly in the national media commenting on parenting issues. Here are some examples:

Her clients include many of the UK’s leading employers including:

  • Morgan Stanley
  • HSBC
  • Barclays Capital
  • Barclays International
  • Microsoft
  • Novartis
  • Accenture
  • Simple
  • Robinson’s
  • Disney
  • Schools Food Trust
  • Pets At Home

Lorraine has over 20 years’ experience working with executives within the corporate, public and voluntary sectors. She has a first-class honours degree in education from Cambridge University and is a qualified teacher. She is accredited with distinction by The Coaching Academy.

Lorraine’s team of PCA Coaches specialise in working with parents.

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Tel: + 44  020 8693 1231

See what others are saying

"It was a great opportunity to hear the experiences and common challenges of fellow working Dads and to share some of the practical ideas we all have to effectively balance our work and family time."
Ed Damant, FIM Marketing & Sales

“Fun and interactive – there was never a quiet moment as employees of all levels and from all across the business ‘walked the wheel’ exploring, sharing and most importantly laughing as we all realised we shared common issues and themes.”
Sarah Cooper, Morgan Stanley’s Parents Network Steering Committee.

"I love the way the 7-Day Parent Coach empowers parents to tackle the daily stresses and strains that can make parenting feel like an endurance test at times."
Mara Lee, Editor, Practical Parenting


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