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A report by The Harvard Business School (Strategy & Society by Michael E.Porter and Mark R. Kramer 2007) highlights the value to the employer and employee of supporting parents in the workplace.

The Parent Coaching Academy’s successful work in the corporate sector is highlighted in a feature – Working Out The Stresses of Family life – in The Sunday Times

1-1 Coaching


The confidential sessions can be provided in a range of formats (face-to-face, phone, online) so that you can choose the one that works best for you and your employees.  Face-to-face sessions are usually conducted on location at your company.    The sessions are for parents with children of all ages.


We have extensive experience of coaching senior executives who want to be powerful and positive role models within their company. We deliver the coaching through a short series of regular sessions to senior managers committed to rising to the challenge of successful combining work and family – and getting the best of both worlds.


We deliver drop-in surgeries for employees across the company who want a one-off session to get practical advice and solutions to specific parenting issues.


We have a strong track record of coaching parents who are facing redundancy or who have been made redundant.  Employees say they find parent coaching at this challenging time of their lives particularly beneficial because it offers an opportunity to focus on financial and family issues in a practical and positive way.

See what others are saying

“It’s not a male thing you discuss down the pub.  It was good to have a room full of people talking about issues that we all face.”
Luigi Strinati, Sunday Times

“Fun and interactive – there was never a quiet moment as employees of all levels and from all across the business ‘walked the wheel’ exploring, sharing and most importantly laughing as we all realised we shared common issues and themes.”
Sarah Cooper, Morgan Stanley’s Parents Network Steering Committee.

“Great.  I feel I’m back in control … and much less stressed.”
Nuala Garvey, Practical Parenting


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