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A report by The Harvard Business School (Strategy & Society by Michael E.Porter and Mark R. Kramer 2007) highlights the value to the employer and employee of supporting parents in the workplace.

The Parent Coaching Academy’s successful work in the corporate sector is highlighted in a feature – Working Out The Stresses of Family life – in The Sunday Times

1-1 Sessions

Are you a busy professional parent or a busy full-time mother or father? Are you committed to being the best parent you can be?

Work with a professional PCA Coach if you want:

  • Effective alternatives to shouting and other everyday Parent Tantrums.
  • Successful practical strategies to deal with your child’s challenging behaviour at home or in school.
  • Creative solutions to help you move forward with major family issues such as sleepless nights, discipline, arguments, unsuitable friends and concerns about drugs, truancy or alcohol.
  • An objective sounding board as you prepare your child for a significant change in family life as the result of separation or starting a new school.
  • Support in making significant decisions about your child’s childcare, education or health.
  • To stop feeling angry, anxious, guilty or sad.


At the Parent Coaching Academy, we have developed a unique 7-day model that motivates parents to tackle problems with a practical action plan – one day at a time. Our aim is to put mums and dads back in the driving seat. We help parents focus positively on creative solutions to their challenges and develop tailor-made strategies to achieve them. We work with mums and dads to close the gap between where they are and where they want to be. Our mission is to reduce parents’ stress levels and boost their energy so that they can get the maximum enjoyment from family and working life.

The programme is tailored to suit individual clients but will usually consist of 4 weekly phone sessions.  The coaching sessions are suitable for parents with children of all ages.

See what others are saying

"I love the way the 7-Day Parent Coach empowers parents to tackle the daily stresses and strains that can make parenting feel like an endurance test at times."
Mara Lee, Editor, Practical Parenting

“We were delighted with the response from the workshops run by Lorraine Thomas.”
David Fawcett, Community Relationship Manager, HSBC

“Lorraine reduced my stress levels by half and instead of worrying all the time I’m really enjoying my time with Charlie.”
Kate Signy, ITV’s This Morning


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