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The webzine that deals with working lives, family lives and personal lives. Practical advice and information to help you get the balance right.


BBC Parenting

The BBC offers excellent information, tips and advice for parent of children of all ages. The website covers a wide range of issues including homework, exams, bullying, health and well being, eating disorders, drugs, alcohol and sex.


Dads Unlimited

A web site full of ideas, resources and tips for dads.


Talk to Frank

A web site for parents who want advice, information and support about children and drugs.


Parent Line Plus

Parentline Plus is a national charity offering support and advice to parents.


Direct Gov

Provides information for parents on promoting teenagers’ good health and well being with advice on issues such as alcohol, sex, drugs and playing truant.



Advice and information for parents worried about their children being bullied or bullying.



Top tips on helping children with their homework (PDF format)

The Coaching Academy


Take a look around our website for all the information you need about coach training with The Coaching Academy. As Europe ’s largest coach training organisation, our coach training programmes give you the tools you need to become a professionally qualified coach with a recognised qualification.


See what others are saying

“We were delighted with the response from the workshops run by Lorraine Thomas.”
David Fawcett, Community Relationship Manager, HSBC

"It was really good to see how much the guys really cared about trying to be a great Dad and just how many of the challenges we face are the same, whether we had one new baby or a house full of belligerent teenagers."
Andy Campbell, Head of Sales Ophthalmics, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

"It was a great opportunity to hear the experiences and common challenges of fellow working Dads and to share some of the practical ideas we all have to effectively balance our work and family time."
Ed Damant, FIM Marketing & Sales


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